Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tucson, Arizona

Ok, for those of you that didn't know. We went to Tucson Arizona for the annual spina bifida conference. Last year it was in Louisville Kentucky and boy is Arizona a long way from Alabama. We didn't think we would like Arizona. We thought we would be hot and miserable and have 2 kids feeling the same. But, it was amazing. There was no grass just lots of dirt and rocks. The humidity is only 5% so it was actually very comfortable outside even if it was 95 degrees at midnight. Which by the way was when our flight landed in Tucson. Long story lots of layovers and delays. You also don't sweat. The air takes in your sweat before you can sweat it out. You have to drink so much water it is ridiculous. Then that meant lots of bathroom breaks. Steven also got to play a round of golf and he loved it. He got to see lots of neat animals like rabbits and roadrunners. And the favorite part of his trip was he saw Michael Bolton at the golf course. And yes he waved like he was a fan or something. Anyways, we absolutely loved Arizona and we will definately be going back.

This was sitting outside on the large patio looking out at downtown Tucson in the distance. They had these huge pocket doors that they opened in the evening so it was a indoor/outdoor space. It was pretty cool.

This was the lazy river and slide. None of us are in the picture but you get the idea. They had intertubes that you could ride double or single. The boys couldn't ride them because they were made of latex so we floated around on noodles. But, one of the days while the boys were at camp me and Steven floated around the river about 3 times and went down the slide by ourselves. Lots of fun!!!

This was the view from the bridge that connected the hotel to the meeting rooms. It was unreal how big cactus' get. The ones on the golf course actually had huge holes in them from previous golfers.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Portrait Innovations

I took my brother's kids with my boys to get a grandkids picture for my parents.
Savannah is 10 Braden is 8 Heath is 6 and Seth is 4.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My 10 year high school reunion

Some Videos from our trip

Our Trip to Disney